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IepTriKoWednesday 25th of August 2004 04:08:11 AM
Translation please - My polish boyfriend send me a message and my friend who lives also in Belgium but is from Poland couldn't really translate this word and I really would like to know what it means. Can someone please translate it. I'm still trying to learn polish so I don't know much yet but one day I will ;-)
The word is Laseczki
Thank you!

AnyaWednesday 25th of August 2004 07:32:37 AM
- Vicky,
could you tell us the context of the word? Although I have very little polish knowledge, if there is a context to a word I have usually figured it out. Alternatively I have a very good Polish friend who is a teacher that may help out.
I would really like to help, just need a little more info.
TemplaarWednesday 25th of August 2004 09:41:49 AM
- I am not sure how to explain that.
That could be "chicks" or "cute girls".

IepTriKoThursday 26th of August 2004 12:09:51 AM
- My friend speaks Polish - English too and she couldn't help me either.

The message is:
Czesc laseczki. Zazdroszc ze wam. Mnie po urlopie chca zajezdzic. ... there is more but I don't think that will have to do with that word, the rest is about things he has to do.

I hope to know some polish before next month then I go visit Poland :)

down-to-earthWednesday 15th of September 2004 03:28:32 AM
- 'czesc laseczki' - Hi chicks.
how simple is that :D