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WloczykijSaturday 01st of May 2004 03:13:00 AM
wanna learn polish? - if yes, contact me. Especially if you can teach me spanish, khmer, mandarin, japanese or proficiency english.
armyusafchickTuesday 29th of June 2004 07:56:49 PM
- Hi! I wanna learn more Polish. My mom is 100% Polish, but her parents never taught her. I started teaching myself some out of an English-Polish book, but it gets boring that way after a while. Please help! I can definitely help with English. lol.
dancer386Sunday 29th of August 2004 05:34:02 PM
- I wanna learn polish too, cos i am inteested in Poland...i can teach you mandarin if you wish.....
AimsterMonday 03rd of January 2005 01:36:20 PM
- im always interested in learning a new language. you can teach me polish and i can teach you english
Pathfinder05Tuesday 04th of January 2005 02:12:46 AM
- I'm very interested in learning Polish. I have already been studying for about a month now, mostly from some computer software, but also from my grandmother.

I can help you with English, and I can introduce you to Spanish.
wohFriday 14th of January 2005 06:31:34 AM
- please teach me Polish, I can teach you Cantonese/Mandarin/English. we have enough people here, let's form a class!
gvwSaturday 15th of January 2005 11:47:22 PM
- if you'd like to learn Polish feel free to let me know :) I can help you :)
MarcusjeMonday 07th of February 2005 09:01:41 PM
Grammer problem - Hello everybody. My name is Marc and I live in Holland. Since a while a have a polish girlfriend whom I going to marry next year. So I started to learn Polish also and I can have a small talk allready. Writing is a diffrent matter. Now my problem;
In polish there are 7 grammer form. Can somebody tell me if there is a system I can learn, e.g my husband = moj maz and it concernce my husband = mojego meza. Why, can somebody explain. My girlfriend has no clue how to teach me.

Dziekuje bardzo.
celijkaTuesday 08th of February 2005 07:48:20 PM
cases - uf, it's not so easy to learn polish grammar.
The 7 forms you mentioned are called cases. All seven forms refer to rzeczowniki (nouns), przymiotniki (adjectives), liczebniki (numbers) and zaimki (pronouns). There is a system - declention- which consisits of ending schemes. But if you haven't already learnt any other inflexional language it's better to learn case by case, otherwise you mix them up very quickly.
You have to remember that we have suffixal system for verbs also.
Find website links posted in here, there are some books which may help you (with the ending schemes too). If you speak a little Polish, or if your girlfriend is able to help, you could start with learning those schemes.
The most difficult thing is to know when to use the specific form...
If you had problems contact me or post it on the discuss.
Next week I'm starting with grammar notes in here.

MarcusjeWednesday 09th of February 2005 02:43:55 AM
Dzieki - Dzienkuje bardzo.

Jutro moja kochanie ide do polski. Potem mam wiecej czas, or something like that. I'll keeo on trying to write Polish but it is still bardzo trudny. I be glad if I can see the grammer info you have.

pattyThursday 10th of March 2005 02:25:50 AM
learn polish - hello, I wanna to learn Polish, I only learn little word abouit it and I can teach you Mandrian, now I live Warsaw too. If you have interest, please contact me with e-mail
address thank you.

sbockMonday 21st of March 2005 10:24:38 AM
please help - I have learned words and phrases but I need help with conversation. I am trying to figure out shype so that I can talk with some one can you help me?
Christine ChewFriday 15th of April 2005 04:15:59 AM
I wanna learn Polish - My Father could speak Polish but none of his kids can. I always wanted to learn. My mom wasn't Polish but said she began to understand it. It would be great if somebody could help me here?
Brain May roxSunday 17th of April 2005 10:53:36 PM
- That would be brilliant.
I can help with English
tony123456Monday 25th of April 2005 08:55:03 AM
- Ic an help with english! Iwould like to learn more polish i started last summer and now fairly a good amount but still have a long wa to go can someone help me learn especially this gramatyka!lol