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PiersMonday 28th of February 2005 04:31:51 AM
wanting to learn pol - learning polish
sorry about the double post

hi every one we have just had 2 very nice polish guys join our factory and i thought it would be nice for them if i could learn a bit of polish as there english is just about as bad as my polishi have learned a few words from them and it is a two way thing with there learning english from me but it is all very hit and miss at the moment and as no one else in our factory is botherd about trying to talk to these guys i thought it would be better to show them that not all english people are small minded so if any one can help i would be very greatfull many thanxz
PiersMonday 28th of February 2005 05:26:06 AM
apologies - sorry about the spelling mistake hope it doesnt offend anyone batterys on my wireless keyboard started to go and funny things happen at that point