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tony123456Tuesday 26th of April 2005 11:55:00 AM
Why cnatyou just translate from english to polish?? - Why cant you just translate from english to polish???? Ifell like some poles don understand the sentence when you do that ,why? can someone help me with this? why is polish use so many diffrent words just to make a small point? dziekuje!
Karolina2005Sunday 01st of May 2005 02:44:34 AM
- Most languages are like this. Translators are not accurate. I do a little german and when i translate it to english with a translator it does not come out properly.
If i were to right this in a translator it would be completely different to the way polish people actually say it..

sbockThursday 05th of May 2005 08:50:04 PM
Other languages - Just keep in mind that you can go to other places in the country and run into the same problem. If you went to Kentucky and asked for a Coke they would ask what kind because to them all sodapop is Coke. In newengland if you asked for a rubberband they would not know what you were talking about because they call them an elastic. In Spanish if you want to say that you are hungry you say I have hunger. Words are just representations of ideas. You can't translate any laguage word for word because you have to translate the idea not the words. Ihope this helps.