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Karolina2005Friday 08th of July 2005 10:06:58 PM
Wladyslawowo - I have a few friends from this town - wladyslawowo, and it sounds great.. Right next to a beach.. They want me to go back to poland with them for a holiday.. How nice. ? :)
Anyway, i would like to learn more about this town before i go.. It would be great if anyone could help..
Anything you know, or anything that would help..
Dziekuje bardzo.

tony123456Saturday 09th of July 2005 01:26:28 AM
- I guess its near the Baltic, sorry i dont know more.
wasilSaturday 09th of July 2005 04:19:03 AM
- Władysławowo is situated near baltic sea. 1km from town is Hel (the funny thing which stand out from land at the north :)) this is touristic and fishing-hunting town.

And it's near place where I live (Gdańsk) :)

a site which will help you :)