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diarmuidhFriday 29th of October 2004 10:31:47 PM
any good Romanian-English, English-Dictionaries out there? - Tell me is there any good Romanian-English, English-Dictionaries out there?

Or are they only in Romania?

The only ones I have seen here are really basic (looking like they were produced back in the 70s!!)..or amateurish looking!

AnyaFriday 29th of October 2004 11:31:46 PM
- Diarmuid!
I know exactly what you mean...I'm bumping into the same problem with Nepali-English dictionaries. If I come across a good Romanian one, I will let you know!


P.S. I guess I really sent the mailmen in Éire over the hills and back again, huh?!

RachelleSaturday 30th of October 2004 01:04:08 AM
- hey, i got mine in romania but it has a website:
i honestly don't know enough about the language to know if it's a good dictionary, but so far it's worked for me, so if you want to order it there i'm sure you can.
Jeremy87Saturday 30th of October 2004 05:53:18 AM
- There's an online English --> Romanian --> English dictionary that I use all the time. It even includes verb conjugations.
Xeon3DTuesday 02nd of November 2004 10:18:44 AM

visit this site using Internet Explorer and click where it says "AQUI".

Best En-Ro-En dictionary I've ever found!
lowenguardThursday 23rd of December 2004 05:54:15 AM
- xeon, it would take me 9 hours to download it using this link..... and my connection isn't bed, 8Mbit/s .
Is there another way to get it?
Anca+Friday 14th of January 2005 06:19:38 PM
I found this site..... - ....dunno if that stuff is good or not...
I guess it's better than nothing... :-/

Anca+Friday 14th of January 2005 06:21:22 PM
- just go there to the "download" section
sandmanSaturday 15th of January 2005 09:30:38 PM
- romanian-english dic:

i have english-romanian dic in a plain text file, the problem is that there's no special letters in romanian words there, just plain latin letters. anyways, if someone is interested, PM me (include email address in the message) and i will mail it out.