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rachelleFriday 21st of January 2005 12:52:22 PM
back again - hey all i'm back at school so i'll be in and out for a while and not very consistent. just in case anyone was following the five words a day thing, i figured i'd better let you know why it slowed down. the life of a piano major is VERY busy.
Jeremy87Monday 24th of January 2005 04:06:21 AM
- hey rachelle :). good luck with school, and i'll keep the 5 words a day topic alive, don't you worry :). Cya around!

la revedere
JezThursday 27th of January 2005 08:39:21 AM
- buna seara, Rachelle :) ce mai facet,i?
wow. Havn't said the formal way in weeks. :-P
You are a busy girl! Study hard though, and you will be rewarded. Furtune cookie told me that once. This is my first time back at PB in about three weeks. ill try to study those fives words a day. :| looks very hard.