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Ron777Friday 17th of September 2004 01:42:09 AM
basic sentences help - Salut!

I have been trying to learn Romanian.
I would like to know how basic Romanian sentences are constructed.
For example if I take the sentence.
I want the car.
In Romanian would that be. Eu vrea de automobil.
Or would it be like this. Eu vrea de maşină.
Or could it be. Eu lipsă de maşină.
Also I'm not sure on the use of the word the. Like when to use de or la in a sentence. Even if the sentences I typed above are all wrong. Please let me know and tell me how they should be.

Thank for the help. I have learnd some basic words now I would like to move on. And learn more of this language.

la revedere

Luludya738Friday 17th of September 2004 01:25:40 PM
- I think you got the whole thing wrong. "De" is not an article and it's not the romanian form of "the". "De" is a preposition and therefore your sentences do not make sense. In romanian the articles are usually "sticked" to the subject, except for the indefinite articles (if this is how they're called). So..."I want the car" would be "Eu vreaU automobilUL". I wrote the ending with capital letters so as to highlight the fact that in romanian we have different forms for each person. It is not like in english. If I can help with anything in particular, tell me, but you have to be specific coz it's difficult to generalise things. There are many exceptions to the rules in romanian. :)
Ron777Friday 17th of September 2004 03:07:17 PM
- Thank you for the help Luludya.
I have only been studying the Language now for about one month. I have never studyed another language before in my life. So this is my first time. :)

The adding of the UL to the ending makes it mean the?. Is that right. So for example the pencil would be like. creionul or creionu? the moon would that be lunaul?.

Thanks again for the help. I'm really out in the dark here when it comes to writeing in Romanian. :)


Luludya738Sunday 19th of September 2004 11:04:22 AM
- Without any further ado, yes, "creionul" means the pencil even if in romanian we usually pronounce "creionu" (but we write it as I shown before". As for "luna" well, in romanian we have masculine articles and feminine ones. And "luna" is a feminine noun. In this case you needn't add anything. The point is that luna is writen with "a" that has a tilde above it and when you want to say "the moon", that "a" changes into "a" simple, the way that you wrote it. So...since you don't have romanian font, you needn't change anything. All the feminine nouns change the last letter in "a" when they are articled. Ex: "cutie" = box, "cutia" = the box. The feminine nouns usually end in "a" (with tilde) or in "e". It's hard to teach you all at once, but if you need Phrases or stuff like that, I can help. If you're really interested in learning romanian, i have msn so we could Classroom there and explain more to you. :)
rbrumaMonday 20th of September 2004 01:43:45 AM
I want the moon - So, basically, to summarize:

-- all definite articles in Romanian are postponed
-- there are different definite articles for masculine and feminine
-- the def. article for masc. sg. is "-l"
-- the def. article for fem sg. is "-a"
-- the way these articles are attached to the noun is a bit tricky; below are some examples:

"lună" (moon) changes "-ă" for "-a" becoming "luna" (the moon)

"casă" - "casa" (house - the house) does the same, and so many feminines ending in "-ă"

On the other hand,

"creion" (pencil) adds a "-u-" to ease pronounciation and then the article, "-l" : "creionul" = the pencil

Many other masculines ending in a consonant apply the same rule.


I want the car = Vreau maşina (maşină = car, indef.)
I want the moon = Vreau luna (lună = moon, indef.)


Luludya738Monday 20th of September 2004 05:05:20 AM
- Yes, well rbruma was more specific. And I see he also has romanian fonts which I lack. ;)
AlexSunday 26th of September 2004 04:43:50 AM
Specificity - Răzvan is quite good, isn't he?

It is important to be as specific as possible, especially when a learner is confused, but that doesn't invalidate your help, Luludya. It's all good, and every advice helps.

Luludya738Sunday 26th of September 2004 08:25:09 AM
- Well, hehe, thanx for the post. It's not like I felt bad or smth. It was a compliment addressed to Razvan, who deserved it. My problem is that during the past year I've been studying the romanian grammar at a very high level (including a little of "gramatica generativ-transormationala" and all kind of "problems" and theories) and when you learn all that stuff, you forget how to explain the simple things. :) You 2 have teacher qualities which I lack, but nevertheless, I'll try to help as much as I can. And of course, if I post and you thk I wasn't specific enough you can also post and deal with the q-tion your own way. This way, they will be able too choose information from both of us and get a better understanding of the romanian language. After all, we are here to help them ;)

Till next time ;)

Ron777Monday 27th of September 2004 03:24:48 AM
- Thanks Razvan, Luludya and Alex for all the help. I'm still learning here. Sorry I have been so busy here the past few days. I havet had any time to come here and post on the fourm. Thanks again to the 3 of you. That take time out your days to come on here and help all of us that are learning Romanian. I seem to lack all gramical terms and theories. That I see people talk about when learning a language. So when I see a term like definite artical. I have to go look up what a definite artical is. :)
So I'm a bit slow with all the terms. I guess it is becasue I have got lazy just speaking engilsh all my life. :) And have never learned another language before.

I got myself a Romanian dictionary and that helps. I'm sorry if my questions seemed to general or vage. I was just wanting to see how basic Romanian sentences where made. I was wanting to move on from just being able to say hello and goodbye. And other simple phrases that I have learned.

Well anyway times are busy here. Thanks again to all three of you for the help.
I will keep with it really want to learn Romanian.

AlexMonday 27th of September 2004 01:57:54 PM
Don't forget Classroom - You're welcome.

Keep those questions coming and we'll answer you as best we can, but don't forget to drop by Classroom sometime.

I like to call it a virtual classroom because it's very effective to learn by listening and speaking, and the format allows several people to listen in and learn as a group. This increases a teacher's efficiency. I'm all for that. :)

Very often I am there and would be delighted to help you by speaking or listening to your pronounciation.

See you.