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Taylor jonesWednesday 18th of May 2005 10:21:01 AM
ce mai faci - ce mai faci!!!
that's all i know so could some one help me please
i hav posted like 6 posts and no ones except Rawkstah has helped me! : (
so please help me
JamesRaynerMonday 20th of June 2005 02:45:23 AM
I could help you learn French or Romanian - Hi
I am sorry that no-one else has helped you. I could help you learn French. I am not fluent but can do quite well in a conversation and am quite far. I have only been learning French for 5 and a bit years.And Romanian less. If you would like me to teach you send a reply. If not don't. You may need some one more senior and progressed in French or Romanian