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sandmanTuesday 25th of January 2005 03:32:59 PM
computer related words - i'm more interested in colloquial variants than in official ones.
i mean, some words may be used in contracted forms for brevity or to allow for a more natural declension etc (e.g. in russian, windows oses are more often called 'винда/винды' (vinda/vindī) etc)

the following ones are the most interesting for me:
- program, source code, bug, bugfix, feature, debug, crash, hang, os, windows, to boot, utility, binary/executable/text file, computer, cpu, keyboard, enter key, space key, key, button, byte, bit, mbyte, kbyte, mouse, lan, lan card, sound card, graphics gard, compact disk, to burn a cd, hdd drive, internet, browser, email, to email, download, login, password, access rights

feel free to put any related word, not just from the list above
if it is possible, please, include the plural form, and indicate gender where it's not obvious

i'd also appreciate links on the subject
GijsTuesday 25th of January 2005 04:24:33 PM
- I think you can find many useful words at this link.

I believe it is about learning how to use the software
in romanian..

rbrumaTuesday 25th of January 2005 04:29:59 PM
- Here are some variants. I would emphasize, however, that generally in Rom. the English form is used in many occasions. Since I learned computers trying to figure out the linux kernel sources, I might not even know some Romanian words for these terms :)

program - program (pl. -e, n.)
source code - cod sursă (pl. coduri sursă, n.)
crash (to) - a crăpa
hang (to) - a se īnţepeni
windows - ferestre (not the OS, the actual windows)
binary/executable/text file - fişier (pl. -e, n.) binar/ executabil/ text
computer - calculator (pl. calculatoare, n.)
cpu - procesor (pl. procesoare, n.)
keyboard - tastatură (pl. tastaturi)
enter key - (tasta) enter
space key - (tasta) spaţiu
key - tastă (pl. taste)
button - buton (pl. butoane, n.)
byte - octet
mbyte - mega (m, invar)
kbyte - kilo (m., invar)
lan - reţea (lit. network, pl. reţele), implied 'locală'
lan card - placă de reţea (pl. plăci de reţea)
sound card - placă de sunet
graphics card - placă video
to burn a cd - a scrie (lit, to write) un CD
hdd drive - hard
email - poştă electronică (rare; us. simply email)
to email - a trimite un mesaj prin email
password - parolă (pl. parole)
access rights - drepturi de acces

The following terms, AFAIK, have no usual equivalent in Romanian and the English form is used instead:

bug, bugfix, feature, debug, to boot, utility, bit, mouse, compact disk, internet, browser, download, login

Probably the only Romanian terms that are real equivalents to their English counter-parts and are widely used are 'calculator' and 'tastatură'.
sandmanThursday 27th of January 2005 05:43:06 PM
- thanks a lot to everybody, all the information was very useful

i also found the following:

some more questions:

- how one is to say 'a buggy program' ? and how to say that os, an app or a piece of hardware acts up (misbehave) ?

- are there jargon 'nicknames' for oses in romanian ?
for examle, in russian linux is called "линух" (linuh), freebsd - "фря / фришка / бздя" (frea / frişka / bzdea), solaris - "солярка" (solearka, which means 'diesel oil') etc. is there smth like that in romanian ?

- how can i find programmers' jargon dics in romanian ? i tried to search for "jargon informatic/programator/tehnic/ingineresc" but found nothing better than the link i put above