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AlexMonday 06th of September 2004 06:50:53 PM
Conversational Phrases 2 - Time for more Romanian phrases

Hello - Salut (sal-oot)
How are you? - Ce mai faci? (Chay my fotch)
I'm fine, thank you. - Bine mult,umesc. (Bee-neh mool-tzoo-mesk)
Pleased to meet you. - 2000ncântat de cunos,tint,a^. (Uhn-cuhn-tot deh coo-nosh-teen-tzuh)
Please - Te rog (Informal - teh rohg) Va^ rog (formal - vuh rohg)
Thank you - Mult,umesc (mool-tzoo-mesk)
Thank you very much - Mult,umesc foarte mult (mool-tzoo-mesk fwar-teh moolt)
You're welcome - Cu pla^cere (koo pluh-tche-reh)
Goodbye - La revedere (luh reh-veh-deh-reh)
Bye - Pa (pah)

Do you speak English? - Vorbit,i engleza^? (vore-beets ehn-glehz-uh)
I don't speak much Romanian. - Nu vorbesc multa^ Româna. (noo vore-besk mool-tuh ro-muhn-uh)
rbrumaThursday 09th of September 2004 06:51:18 AM
Some old and some new - Here are the phrases Alex wrote, its better to see them how they really look like:

- Salut!
- Ce mai faci?
- Bine, mulţumesc.
- 2000ncântat de cunoştinţă
- Te rog / Vă rog
- Mulţumesc
- Mulţumesc foarte mult
- Cu plăcere
- La revedere
- Pa
- Vorbiţi engleză?
- Nu vorbesc multă Română (equivalent, but used more frequently: "Vorbesc puţin româneşte", litt. "I speak little Romanian")

Some other useful phrases:

- Mulţumesc pentru ajutor = Thank you for your help!
- Bună dimineaţa = Good morning
- Bună ziua = Good afternoon
- Bună seara = Good evening
- Noapte bună = Good night

AlexSaturday 11th of September 2004 11:16:07 PM
Romanian characters - Did the characters look OK when you entered them?

Let me try.


They look OK as I type them.
Jeremy87Sunday 19th of September 2004 09:06:19 PM
- I'll put down some more basic phrases.

What is your name? - Cum vă numiţi? (formal) (coom vuh noo-MEETS
What is your name? - Cum te cheamă? (informal) (coom teh kyahm-uh)
My name is... - Numele meu e... (noo-meh-leh mayoo yeh...)
Is there someone here who speaks English? - Vorbeşte cineva aici engleză?" (vor-besht-eh chee-neh-vah eye-eetch eng-leh-zuh)