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nikiiWednesday 28th of July 2004 12:36:42 AM
desperately want to learn Romanian--can sum1 plz help me out? - I am new here to this place, so i don't know much... I have a few Romanian friends, but I want to suprise them that i know their language (and i talk through email since they live in Romania)... And plus i love Romanian art and people and the culture is interesting.
I have been practicing pronuciation(and can pronounce stuff pretty easily, especially from studying several other languages), but haven't been getting any reading or writing done. If someone can be my penpal (, or help in general, that would be great.
Luludya738Wednesday 28th of July 2004 04:41:18 AM
Hey, no problem! - I am at your disposal and most probably Alex too. So feel free to ask for help and (if I may speak for him also) we will be happy to help you. ;)
nikiiThursday 29th of July 2004 10:38:15 PM
Danke Schon - Thanks! I'll definately be asking questions. I'm going to try to learn a few basics, and then i'll probably start asking questions.
tripledddogMonday 16th of August 2004 10:43:33 AM
- I will help any way I can. I am learning also, so maybe we can learn together :)

nikiiWednesday 18th of August 2004 10:09:31 AM
Thanks - Thanks:) That's a good way to start:) I will help as much as i can as well:)
Take care!
rbrumaMonday 30th of August 2004 06:43:35 AM
Count me in... - ... for helping you. I am new here too so this would make a good experience.

nikiiFriday 10th of September 2004 04:23:30 PM
- Thanks:) I won't be around much, because school just started, but i'll be glad to get all the help i can:)
Take care:)
linkerroMonday 04th of October 2004 05:11:52 AM
- You can throw stuff at me as well.
Xeon3DTuesday 12th of October 2004 08:08:48 PM
Alphabet. - Hi, I'm new here, and I'm trying to learn romanian.

Could someone please write the alphabet and how it sounds as if it was to be read in english? like Da (Yes) = Dah

Something Like this but for the alphabet?

Thanks, and if anyone needs help with Portuguese\English count me in!
Assaf_HTuesday 07th of December 2004 08:00:14 AM
- Hi Alphabet.

I think this link might help you: