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sandmanFriday 11th of February 2005 06:19:31 PM
expressive language - i'd like to know some phrases used in colloquial speech which are analogous to the following in english: shut up, get off, get lost, get out, damn, go to hell, like hell and other expressive and kind of impolite ones %)

i'm not talking about some bad language...

and it'd be good to see also polite, mocking, etc. variants

here are some examples:
te-ar dracu! - Go to hell!
vedea-te-aş mort! - I'd like to see you dead!
taci! - shut up!

AlexSaturday 12th of February 2005 01:50:31 AM
Not swearing, but nearly - Well, there are many expressions to show displeasure in any language, and the Romanian language is well gifted with them.

te-ar dracu! is actually not correct.
You'll hear 'Du-te dracu!' (Also not correct gramatically, but that is the way it's spoken. Literally it means 'Go to the devil'

'Mai taci dracu' (equivalent of 'Shut the hell up')
'Taci din gură' (Shut your mouth)
'Taci, te rog' (Quiet, please)

'Lasă-mă-n pace' (Leave me in peace. Leave me alone)
'Ieşi afară' (Get out)
'La dracu!' (To the devil. Damn!)
'Să crezi tu' (Let you believe it. Not as strong as 'Like Hell' but almost Ex.: Să crezi tu că te mai ajut. (like hell I'll help you again)

Must get back to work, but if you run into me in Classroom, I'll translate more specifics for you.
sandmanSunday 13th of February 2005 05:32:15 AM
- thanks a lot, Alex
i like 'să crezi tu' %) in russian we use 'черта с два' (approx. two devils), or 'черта лысого' (lit. a bald devil). or just 'фиг' (a fig). in fact, the latter is used in many phrases, and is a stem for quite a bit of words. i wonder, how is it called in romanian (tiflă ?) and how is it used, and whether that three-finger combination itself is used.

i'm afraid i'm not able yet to get in Classroom when you are there. 'cause in that time i have access to a very narrow connection %((

but i am indeed interested in more...
it'd be great if you put some, when you have time (and feel like %)