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AlexSunday 27th of June 2004 07:53:49 AM
Good News - Jeff opened up the Romanian Phrases for us, and I'll start translating right now.

I'd like to ask anyone else fluent in Romanian to help out if you can, and translate the English phrases with me.

Hai la treaba. (Let's get to work)

Bruce B.Tuesday 06th of July 2004 09:33:05 PM
what can i do? - like many others, i want to learn romanian. i can't translate, but is there anything i can do to help the project? i have training and experience in editing english with a background in romance.
AlexWednesday 07th of July 2004 06:47:06 AM
How to help - The best thing that you can do to help is to ask questions.

How do you say this? What does this mean?

The answers to the questions you ask will serve others as well as you.

While I translate phrases and menus etc., you can begin to learn just by being interested.

Also, show up for Classroom to learn how to pronounce the language.

Once people see that it's really happening, that there are people teaching and people learning, we're likely to get more responses.