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rbrumaTuesday 07th of September 2004 02:21:33 AM
Great news! - Hello all,

Since Jeff has done a great job, we can write all sorts of Unicode chars now directly on Phrasebase.

As a proof:

Bună ziua!

... şi altele la fel de interesante.... :)

AlexTuesday 07th of September 2004 03:15:24 AM
Excellent! - Thank you Jeff!!

You just made our job a lot easier!

zarkannTuesday 07th of September 2004 01:52:30 PM

Ah.. we could not do accents before ?

what is this letter 'Ţ' ?
AlexTuesday 07th of September 2004 09:25:43 PM
This is new - No. French type accents we could do, but Romanian accents would be replaced with the unicode string equivalent instead of being displayed.

'Ţ' This letter is pronounced tz (ts is another way of writing the sound)