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AlexSunday 27th of June 2004 05:50:53 AM
Hardest part about Romanian - I've taught Romanian before, and always the most difficult part is teaching these sounds.

Listen to the audio:

Accented s ş(which I can't reproduce on this board)
Fairly easy: in English it's the sh sound.

Accented t ţ(which I can't reproduce on this board)
Also pretty easy: ts as in "coats" or "huts"

Accented a ă(which I can't reproduce on this board)
I teach it to kids by saying "Someone just asked you a question you can't answer. You go: Uhmm..." Then you stop short before adding the "m".

The , sound is more difficult to explain. You really have to hear it. I try to explain it that it's the sound you might make if someone punched you in the gut, but that doesn't make the same sound for everyone, so just listen to the audio, and do your best.

The sounds the same as the sound , but is used when the sound occurs in the center of the word. Example "dog" is "cine" but you may also see it written "cine".

This confusion is actually brought about by two political decisions. One in 1954 to abolish the use of "", except in words derived from "Romn", and the reversal of that decision in 1992 when the communist regime fell. God only knows why they decided to mess with it in either one of those cases, but there you go.

Consequently, you will find both used in works old and new. I personally try to ignore the bureaucrats and use either rule. Also, since I was taught to use in school instead of , I tend to keep following that rule.

I remember vaguely thinking that old folks couldn't spell because they wrote with . I guess it's my turn now to be told I'm wrong by kids. :)

Incidentally, even on the Romanian Academy's site, there are no accents. Online, they are frequently just omitted, so watch out for that.

Until next time.

glitterlokTuesday 07th of September 2004 11:09:31 AM
Not working? - Alex,

I just tried that sound file and it appears to have run away. Any thoughts on where it could be?

I'm very excited to follow the Romanian PhraseBase site. I've been looking for a good way to learn the language, and participating in this new community should do wonders!

Just out of curiosity - how do the "audio" Phrases work? The reason I ask is that I have several friends in Romania who might be willing to help out with those kinds of things.

Keep up the good work, Alex!

AlexTuesday 07th of September 2004 11:44:19 AM
Quite right - Those links are temporarily out of order.
Sorry about that.

I'm looking for another place to host them and when I find one, I'll update those links.

Meanwhile I invite you to come to Classroom and talk and listen to myself or other Romanian speakers.

As for the audio translation, the idea is to have the same voice, same person do those.

We're not there yet in our process, and I'm looking for someone other than myself, perhaps with a more pleasant voice to fill in that void.

It would take a committment, however, as the whole set of phrases would have to be tranlated by the same person, or possibly two, male and female voices.

We'll talk about this some more when we're a bit closer to that time.
glitterlokTuesday 07th of September 2004 12:01:49 PM
Kick bootie - That's great. I'll definitely join in on the Classrooms when possible. As I told you in the Classroomroom a while ago, I visited Romania in July and had a blast. I cant wait to return.