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jrickertFriday 04th of February 2005 03:10:45 AM
Hello everyone - Im new, a beginner as it seems like many people here. I had a few questions. What's the best way to learn how to pronounce Romanian? It seems the spelling-pronunciation is pretty consistant. Shound I get an audio CD course somewhere? Also are there times when everyone gets together and has a Classroom/class session? I read that Alex conducts one but can't remember where I read it.

Also I would like to recieve e-mails from anyone who is kind enough to write. Maybe a short message in Romanian of simple useful words that I can translate.

Talk to you soon...


Jeremy87Friday 04th of February 2005 11:54:16 AM
- Best way to learn Romanian pronunciation is to listen to how words are pronounced and how the individual letters are pronounced. It's best to practice with somebody via phrasebase Classroomroom, or Skype. Best if you had a mic also. Listening to audio tapes helps too.

Anyways, welcome to the discusss. :) Enjoy your stay. Ask any questions you may have and we'll try to help.

Yes Alex conducts Romanian lessons every thursday at 9pm eastern. Come join in on the next one. It's great.

BTW if you have any other way of contact e.g AIM, MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, and/or ICQ. Contact me there

AIM: JerJeremyJerm
yahoo: jerbearr87 (email <-- I'm on yh the most.