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XuQianWednesday 18th of May 2005 09:34:47 AM
Hello! - Hey everyone! I'm new to this but decided to join because I want to learn Romanian so if anyone would like to direct me some good threads or even knows any good books I could learn from that would be muchly appreciated. Thanks!
La PluieWednesday 18th of May 2005 11:06:03 AM
- Well, the threads are there if you want to open them... Here are some sites to start you off:

Those are just about the only sites you'll find useful for Romanian beginners, excluding this site and other general sites like it. Well, I suppose you'd find radio sites useful, too. Check a search engine for that. I haven't yet found a radio station that I want to stick with.
tprotheroWednesday 18th of May 2005 06:43:58 PM
- XuQian,

I'm also trying to learn Romanian and at the moment know little bits and pieces. Do you know anything? Why do you want to learn?

XuQianThursday 19th of May 2005 06:03:51 PM
- Thanks for those sites La Pluie. I'll annoy my housemates for the next few weeks practising my broken Romanian on them. :D
tprothero (interesting name); I'm going to Romania in August to teach English there. I know several basic greetings (buna ziua, buna dimineata, buna seara) as well as la revedere, multumesc, cu placere, da and nu, but that's about it. May I ask why you are learning it?
Pa. :)