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RachelleWednesday 20th of October 2004 06:08:45 PM
hey i'm new too - hi - i'm letting everyone know that i'm "listening" in on all these posts. i'm very much a beginner, but i'm really determined to learn and excited about it. i have friends in Romania and i will hopefully be going back this summer for a longer stay (i've been twice for two weeks both times) and i really want to be able to at least partially understand everyone. when i have specific questions i won't hesitate to ask, but for now, i'm just watching and learning:) if i can listen in on Classroom i will do that too, but i can't participate because i don't have a microphone. i'm in college so i probably won't get one any time soon (poor college student. no money.) but anyway, this is getting long - i just wanted to thank everyone for their help so far and for being available and enthusiastic. so, thanks!
rbrumaWednesday 20th of October 2004 10:06:12 PM
Thank you... - Messages like yours boost our moral and give confidence that we are not just loosing time by reading / posting to this discuss. We wait for you here next summer.

RachelleTuesday 26th of October 2004 05:59:46 PM
- thanks Razvan:)