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Jeremy87Saturday 06th of November 2004 02:09:23 PM
how do you specify dates in romanian? - Like, if you say "I'm going to Bucharest on May 1st 2004" or something. Other similar expressions will help too. Thank you in advance. :)

nikiiSaturday 06th of November 2004 07:24:36 PM
- In Romanian, present tense could be used to express the near future; ea merge mâine (she is going tomorrow, she’ll go tomorrow).
However, future time is more commonly expressed in speech by using the verb form , preceeded by o.

I go - merg
I will go - o să merg
you go - mergi
you will go - o să mergi


Sorry i couldn't have anymore expressions/examples to give you :P If i find something i'll let you know right away.
Jeremy87Saturday 06th of November 2004 08:41:16 PM
- Thanks nikii :). I already know that much but it will benefit other people who are learning. I mainly meant what would be the preposition to use if you want specify a certain date or day of when you're going. Like "Eu merg la bucuresti (?) luni (or) 1 martie 2004" .. something like that.
rbrumaSunday 07th of November 2004 01:02:38 AM
We all go to Bucharest - (1) I'm going to Bucharest on Monday.

"Eu merg la Bucureşti luni" is ok, no preposition is needed. If you want to stress out that your trip will be on Monday, it's better off to change the order of the words and say 'Eu merg luni la Bucureşti'

(2) (Usually) I'm going to Bucharest on Mondays.

That's a repetitive action, a different set of adverbs is used, but also with no preposition: "Lunea merg la Bucureşti".

(3) I'm going to Bucharest on March 1st, 2004

In this case, the "pe" preposition is used: "Merg la Bucureşti pe 1 martie 2004".

I hope this helps.

rbrumaSunday 07th of November 2004 01:13:13 AM
Addendum - I mentioned in my previous post the different set of adverbs that are used to specify repetitive actions in various days of the week. Maybe it would be of some help to mention them here:

luni (on Monday) -- lunea (on Mondays = usually every Monday)

marţi (on Tuesday) -- marţea (on Tuesdays)

miercuri (on Wednesday) -- miercurea

joi (on Thursday) -- joia

vineri (on Friday) -- vinerea

sâmbătă (on Saturday) -- sâmbăta

duminică (on Sunday) -- duminica

Jeremy87Sunday 07th of November 2004 10:47:05 AM
- Mulţumesc foarte mult rbruma. :) That helped out a bunch. Thanks again for your help.
iubitoTuesday 16th of November 2004 05:37:24 AM
- mersi frumos for this little lesson :)