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cheznahufWednesday 09th of March 2005 11:13:31 AM
How is everyone going about this? - I'm interested in learning Romanian, and well I'm interested in knowing how people are utilizing this website to acheive their goals.

I have a book, which had an accompanying some box somewhere since I've moved so many times. But its pretty grammatically based, and gives few examples for very broad and vague rules they outline. So, and words of advice would be greatly appreciated.
La PluieThursday 10th of March 2005 03:58:40 AM
- If you want an idea of how others use this site, read their posts or use the Classroomroom. If you want advice on how to learn online, I say practice. I got down the basics of my second language by practicing online... Classroomting with people, visiting sites in and about the language, etc. Then I went beyond the basics by reading news articles in said language. Now I'm planning to do the same with Romanian, although it'll be a little harder since it's not as widely used.