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Babe13670Tuesday 27th of July 2004 08:43:40 PM
I am learning Romanian and... - I am learning Romanian and I am wondering, how do you know if you are saying the word correctly? Well, I have been to those one websites where they give you a sound wave to hear the way it is to be said, but I was wondering what if you have never heard the word before and you aren't sure that you are saying it correctly... what can you do?

Bruce B.Tuesday 27th of July 2004 10:56:01 PM
let's make it easier - you've come to the right place. Alex is our Romanian meister. there are also some other good native speakers. i'm learning myself. Read the fora on the language; there's some good stuff on pronunciation. visit Classroom and ask around. if you click members, you can narrow the list to those of a certain native language. then, you can invite them to Classroom or message them directly. Like everyone else here, i work for a living, but am trying slowly to include romanian in a comparison of romance languages. if any of that helps, let me know.