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Paul8Tuesday 21st of September 2004 02:51:57 PM
I want to learn Romanian - I studied a little into Romanian but I didn't get that far into it. The only sites I found for it were very short and didn't have a lot of info. I'm hoping to find someone to teach it to me.
AnyaTuesday 21st of September 2004 03:16:18 PM
- Paul,
There is a phenomenal Romanian administrator on this site and I am sure you can learn a lot from him!
His name is Alex and he is an excellent teacher!

nikiiTuesday 21st of September 2004 03:53:20 PM
- Yeah!!! Alex!!!
I am learning Romanian too, so maybe sometime we can practice together? Or help eachother out? I'll be glad to help with whatever i can:)
Take care and good luck!

P.s.~~~ Yeah!! Alex!!!!!!!!!!
Luludya738Thursday 23rd of September 2004 06:20:21 AM
- Guys if you have q-tions, I could also help. I don't have much time so I can't do much for you since you need to learn first the basic grammar stuff (and that requires a lot of theory which I don't have time to write) but if there are particular thgs troubbling you, I'll be glad to help.
linkerroMonday 04th of October 2004 04:37:43 AM
- Yeah, me too. After all romanian is a prety tricky language, since it's the only latin language with slavic influences.