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Lee_in_EnglandSunday 10th of October 2004 04:35:46 AM
I would really like your help - Salut

I have a Romanian girlfriend and although she speaks very good English I feel that it is unfair that so far I only know how to say hello, ask how she is, count to 20 and order coffee in a cafe!! ( and some loving phrases: Te iubesc, te sarut dulce etc etc )
Basically I would like to surprise her when I next see her with a greater knowledge of her language.
Btw I only have 5 weeks :) but if I could at least hold a basic conversation with her I am sure that she would be impressed :)
I have bought a book : "Teach Yourself Romanian" by Dennis Deletant and although it offers phrases and Phrases it is not very clear with grammar.
Any help that you think might impress my girlfriend is much appreciated.

Lee_in_EnglandSunday 10th of October 2004 06:36:47 AM
I have just re-read my post and....... - maybe I should actually ask for the things that I would like to say :)
The following would be a nice start:

*It's so good to see you again.
*You are more beautiful than I remember
*I have missed you so much

You get the idea..... imagine you haven't seen the girl you love for 3 months and you will maybe have an idea of what I would like to say......any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Multumesc :)
AlexSunday 10th of October 2004 07:03:34 AM
Learn Romanian in 5 weeks? - Don't mind a challenge, do you?

The Teach Yourself Romanian is really the best bet given your short time.

My suggestion is get your book, get a microphone and come find me in Classroom.
I'll help you with the pronounciation and fill in any grammar gaps, or at least do my best given the short time span.

Are you still reading this message??

Get to Classroom!

Lee_in_EnglandSunday 10th of October 2004 01:40:23 PM
Thanks for your kind offer - Unfortunately I cannot let you listen to my pronounciation as I do not as yet have a microphone, but if you are on-line when I am then I will definitely take you up on your offer. Especially when I get lost with plurals, subjunctives and conjugations :) because I have no doubt that this will happen!!!!

In short : see you in Classroom soon :)
Jeremy87Sunday 10th of October 2004 03:35:24 PM
- Hi Lee :). Wow, 5 weeks? What a challenge. I wish I had that kind of self-discipline to do that! Anyways, If you don't mind things going really deep. Go here

Enjoy. It's always good though to have a teacher like Alex. He's an excellent teacher. He taught me Romanian very well and made me understand it more. I thank him for that (many many times).
rbrumaMonday 11th of October 2004 01:13:39 AM
Translation - Hi there,

As to the phrases you asked translated, here it goes (in my opinion) :

*It's so good to see you again = Mă bucur să te revăd
*You are more beautiful than I remember = Eşti mai frumoasă decāt īmi aminteam (sounds a bit strange)
*I have missed you so much = Mi-a fost atāt de dor de tine

I cannot give you any other ideas, but I can translate some more phrases. Alex can help you with the pronounciation.



Lee_in_EnglandMonday 11th of October 2004 09:21:33 AM
Well,erm, I didn't mean to master the language - [quote]Originally posted by Jeremy87

Hi Lee :). Wow, 5 weeks? What a challenge. I wish I had that kind of self-discipline to do that! quote]

I dont expect to be able to speak fluently in this time scale or to even understand most of what is said to me. What I would like is to show her (my gf) that I am at least trying to learn.
It will at first be very difficult as Romanian sentences are constructed in a different way to english, and the pronounciation is different to what I am used to.

Anyway, 5 weeks and counting.....

btw thanks for the link :)