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DenisWednesday 06th of October 2004 04:38:24 AM
Im Back!! - hi everyone , ive been away for a while now but im back :)
what do i have to say? when all my friends are freezing their butts off and i am on the other side of the country slowly melting away it feels damn good :) if anyone wants to ask me about romania and\or the language ill be glad to answer you :) i also know alot about Vlad the impaler and well.. vampires if you will -.- im off to bed now bye bye!
maddersWednesday 06th of October 2004 05:10:38 AM
- Ooh... someone else in this discuss who lives in Australia! Must say hi... I'm 16 too, but live in Canberra (aka the crappiest city in Australia).

Do you have MSN? I need HEAPS of help with pronunciation, and just practice in putting sentences together... if you do have it, add me- We should be on at similar sorts of times, so that works.

Va rog... I need all the help I can get.
RawkstahFriday 10th of December 2004 11:17:40 PM
- hey denis if your ever on and bored look for me online i'd love someone else to speak romanian with