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Robert77Friday 19th of March 2004 10:14:55 AM
Interested in learning Romanian. - I would love to know how to speak and write Romanian. I have friends in Bucuresti. I go over there every few years and spend the summer (when I can afford it). I hope to find someone soon that would be willing to teach me more. I know a bit of the vocabulary (I can write simple statements) but the rules mess me up from time to time.

Ne vedem maitirziu,
juanilloFriday 16th of April 2004 08:53:32 AM
Somes links - Hi!
Try this links:

Good luck
rbrumaMonday 30th of August 2004 06:30:20 AM
OK... - Maybe I can be of some help, if you want to ask specific questions. I will give it a try.

soreinWednesday 20th of October 2004 04:43:07 AM
online romanian - Ok, just contact me and you got yourself an online tutor!