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burchelluFriday 15th of October 2004 11:12:32 PM
Introduction - Hi I am from Southe America, am English speaking and joined because I wanted to learn Romanian
Jeremy87Saturday 30th of October 2004 10:36:12 PM
- bine ai venit burchellu! just read these boards for any romanian tips you need. Also ask around, doesn't hurt :)! Don't get discouaged! We all make mistakes. I mixed up the verbs sleep (adormi) and wake up (trezi) in romanian before.. lol. Go to the Classroomroom! Alex is a phenomenal teacher. He can teach you Romanian and the Classroomroom is also a good place to work on pronunciation because it has microphone and even webcam support. I'll give you a couple sites to help you out on first.

Also, I have my own site good for beginners like yourself.