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accedereMonday 07th of February 2005 02:22:41 AM
Learn Romanian Online - I'm always amazed to see people think that learning a language is like learning how to shoot pool! In fact, it's a complex process. Do they want to learn the language or just 5 phrases?

I have been a teacher of English (with more than 10 years of experience in tutoring), but lately, seeing there were a number of people interested in learning Romanian, I thought I could use my teaching skills the other way round! I know that the materials for someone who wants to study Romanian as a foreign language are of very low quality - coursebooks and dictionaries. As a teacher of English, I know how many have tried to learn English from books -- you do need a teacher to guide, correct, organize you, it simply doesn't work with books only, let alone when the books are poor-quality... So, I have started to design my own line of course.

If you really want to learn Romanian online, this is a unique opportunity.

More info:

Pathfinder05Monday 07th of February 2005 03:27:40 AM
- That's very kind of you to create a website for the people who want to learn Romanian. I sure wouldn't of gone to buy any books or software. I'm glad you came by.

I have a suggestion for you. Right now, I'm in the process of developing two language courses. One for German and the other for Albanian. I'm using Power Point for the course, and I thought that if you want, I could transfer all your learning material from yur site onto a Power Point language course. Then you could add the curse to your site as a download. Of course you would have to finish your site first, I'm talking about the future.

You could then charge for the download. This could be useful for people who cannot make a lot of time for a 'session'.
sandmanWednesday 09th of February 2005 01:24:03 PM
- well, i took a look on your page...
pretty categorical and aggressive, imho %)

i wonder, how everybody managed to learn to speak their mother-tongue without any professional tutor and any bit of grammar %) i guess, we all are geniuses %)

i also wonder (question to admins) whether this site can be used for commercial ads (especially when the author thinks that this site is stupid %)
accedereWednesday 09th of February 2005 03:17:29 PM
Intuitive and rational learning - "Sandman"... an excellent choice of a nickname! You address to sleepy people!

I'll comment that not for you, but for other people who unhappily might read your posting.

Learning your mother tongue and a foreign language imply 2 different mechanisms: intuitive learning and, respectively, rational learning.

When one learns their mother tongue, they use intuition and, in the first life years, telepathy. Reaching a level of complex mastering of your mother tongue takes at least 10 years, but many people need much more. Others (a lot) will remain with limited knowledge of their mother tongue for all their life.

You learn a foreign language rationally. You acquire vocabulary, learn rules, memorize irregular behaviour of the parts of speech, do conversation exercises etc. Understanding rules means understanding how that language functions.

Learning a foreign language is like learning any other science: mathematics, physics, biology. The more endowed students succeed, the others - the most - will reach intermediate levels. Some have absolutely no talent for learning languages (even if they "learnt" their own mother tongue!).

Moreover, because of the rational learning, reaching a medium level in a foreign language, doesn't take 10 years but much less! For instance I can take a student to a medium level in English (EFL) in about 80 hours of course, meaning in real terms 4-7 months. Of course, Romanian is much more complex, so learning it takes longer.

Leave profound and multiple wondering to wiser people than you. There are so many ;-))
You are no genius, don't fool yourself any more.

sandmanWednesday 09th of February 2005 04:32:02 PM
- very impressive advertising
and so effective %)
i guess, noone is fooled anymore
AlexSaturday 12th of February 2005 05:32:29 AM
I guess I should read this discuss more carefully. - I guess I should be doing my job more thoroughly. It's stupid of me to assume that the sense of community that I feel on Phrasebase would translate to all its members.

Shame on me, really.

I am not opposed to someone plugging their site on this discuss, with the understanding that others may comment on the suitability they perceive, and that doing so should not invite a flame war.

Personally, I believe that 'accedere' is most likely a fluent and well educated tutor who would have a fair bit to teach anyone who can afford to purchase his services.

At approximately say 80 hours, 15 Euros per hour, a 1200 Euro ($1543 USD) bill is more than the average person on this website can invest. I don't question the value of tutoring, on the contrary, I agree with 'accedere' that it is far more valuable than attempting to muddle through poor training material on their own.

That being said, the tone of the opening page is adversarial and condescending, as Sandman indicated. He was offended by the website. I personally also found it abrasive, and I would like to suggest to 'accedere' that revising the tone of his remarks may invite more people to become clients.

But that, of course, is both out of my hands and irrelevant to this discuss. What is relevant to this discuss is the reply that 'accedere' posted to Sandman's admittedly challenging and sarcastic post.

I am all too frequently embarrased by the lack of manners and tact on the part of my countrymen, and although we've been fortunate on Phrasebase so far, deep down I knew it could not last.

Competent though you may be, 'accedere', there are two things you must understand.

1. You are not smarter than everyone here. I can, in fact, guarantee that.
2. You are competing with services that are given here on Phrasebase free of charge by me.

Yes, I read your amusing disparaging remarks about free online tutoring, so allow me to enlighten you as to why I provide the service that I do for free, at a loss to me, since you seem to have some difficulty comprehending the motivation.

Are you ready?

I ... Enjoy ... Teaching

I also happen to be able to afford the bandwidth.
For many people teaching is a job.
For others it's a passion.

Guess which one I suffer from. :)
There's nothing wrong with making a living when you're good at something, but you have to call things as they are. Phrasebase will not get someone talking Romanian as fast as 'accedere' can do it. I guarantee he's better than browsing the discusss and even better than my virtual classes. He is a pro. For that reason, I am puzzled by your unprofessional behaviour.

However, it is also true that Phrasebase will teach you the language you're trying to learn, provided you commit yourself to making the effort. On Phrasebase it's up to you.

Going forward, 'accedere' you have two options:

Withdraw from this flame war, and leave your link and our personal evaluation of your offering posted here.


Write another scathing or abusive response addressed to someone here and the whole thing will disappear.

I have no qualms killing threads that violate the terms of service.

Personally I hope you leave your link.
Someone may find it useful.