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Rhiannon1Tuesday 25th of January 2005 03:07:43 AM
New Member - Hi everyone, I just found out about this site from my boyfriend-so far I really like it. I've been to other languge discusss and sites, but none seem to be as helpful as this one.

I speak English and have taken 3 years of French, but am interested in learning some Romanian as well. I have no clue where to begin, so any help would be great!

chinita96Tuesday 25th of January 2005 03:41:08 AM
Romanian Lessons - You might want to check out the Romanian Lessons on Thursday nights 9pm EST in the Phrasebase Classroomroom. Alex is the teacher and he is eager to teach, so check it out. He gives beginning lessons all the time. PS: Alex also speaks French fluently.

Here is the link:

Also for other voluntarily hosted lessons visit here:

Hope that helps,
Rhiannon1Tuesday 25th of January 2005 10:18:58 PM
- Thanks Christine,
I'll have to check it out
JezThursday 27th of January 2005 07:38:13 AM
- Hello. I am also learning Romanian. This site is really good, and should help you with pretty much anything you need to know about the language. :) It's a very beautiful language.
Thursday 27th of January 2005 08:43:42 AM
- I agree, it is a beautiful language--I hadn't really heard it until recently, but it's interesting because it had some Slavic influences mixed with the Romantic's very unique
RawkstahSunday 30th of January 2005 02:47:17 AM
- hi rhiannon i'm learning romanian as well feel free to contant me about the language and stuff when you want AIM- Pr0ud2bead0rk Yahoo- iwillrawkyou msn-