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SirSlappyWednesday 05th of January 2005 03:27:19 PM
New To Romanian - Hey guys, I've been dating a romanian girl for about a month now and she's taught me some basics. I've also read a little bit on a site about pronouncing some of the words, etc. I'm just looking for someone to learn with. I think I've found the right site.

Just letting you all know I'm aboard the learning ship! Let's do it!

uhh.. Will this picture fix itself or should I resize it?
Luludya738Wednesday 05th of January 2005 05:47:24 PM
- Hi there! Welcome aboard! If you wanna stick to it, you will definitely recieve the help you need from "qualified" persons like 'Alex' or 'rbruma'. I could also help you but they know how to explain better and they will probably be able to dedicate more of their time to this than I, now that the exams will be starting soon and I won't connect that much.
Abt the pic...yep, you need to resize it :)

'til next time ;)
RawkstahFriday 07th of January 2005 12:39:20 PM
- good to have another learner of romanian aboard the ship
JezSaturday 08th of January 2005 05:03:55 PM
- welcome aboard, mate. you're with the right people if you want to learn romanian.;)
kyokiruFriday 04th of February 2005 05:51:50 AM
- All this talk of boats has given me the urge to say...

"shiver me timbers"

I'd say it in Romanian, but I doubt it exists. ^_^