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gryphonastarWednesday 18th of August 2004 06:59:31 AM
Newbie - Hey everybody! I'd really love to learn Romanian to add to my collection of other languages. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!
nikiiWednesday 18th of August 2004 09:58:46 AM
no prob - I'm learning Romanian too...We here in the Romanian discuss (if i may say so) will be glad to help out with any problems you might have. Don't hesitate to ask questions! Take care!
tripledddogWednesday 18th of August 2004 12:49:37 PM
join the club - I am just learning also, my limited knowledge is available.
Ron777Tuesday 24th of August 2004 11:16:22 PM
- Hi I'm also trying to learn Romanian. I have some frinds the live in Romania. I would like to be able to one day speak with them in Romanian.

I was wondering if any of you. Know of a good place get books, CD's , or computer programs etc?. For learning Romanian. I havent been able to find anything. I have been to book stores in my city. And I cant find anything on Romanian.
I really want to learn this language. I dont speak anyother language other than English.

Thanks again for any help.

AlexThursday 26th of August 2004 07:01:50 AM
First steps - Buna^ dimineat,a la tot,i.
Good morning to all.

Sunt foarte surprins dar fericit ca^ as,a de multe persoane sunt interesate de Româna.
I'm surprised but happy that so many people are interested in Romanian.

Dupa^ cum i-am zis s,i lui Ron, cel mai important pas este de-a se procura un dictionar.
As I told Ron, the most important step is to get a dictionary.

Româna cu câteva mici except,ii nu este grea de pronunt,at o data^ ce ai înt,eles literele speciale diftongii si triftongii.
Romanian, with a few small exceptions, is not difficult to pronounce, once you understand the special letters, diphthongs the triphthongs.

Citi,i citit,i citit,i si vet,i înva^t,a repede.
Read, read, read and you'll learn quickly.

Când vet,i avea încredere in cunos,tint,ele voastre de baza^ ga^sit,i pe cineva local si vorbit,i vorbit,i vorbit,i
When you're confident in your basic knowledge, find someone locally and speak, speak, speak.

Acceptat,i faptul ca^ vet,i face multe gres,eli câteodata amuzante s,i perseverat,i.
Accept the fact that you'll make many mistakes, sometimes amusing ones, and persevere.

Pentru moment, va^ las.
I'll leave you for now.