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IAmCorbinMonday 24th of January 2005 02:38:50 PM
Newcomer - Hello everyone, I'm new here. Just signed up and I'm still checking out everything on the site. It looks pretty cool and I like the idea that no one is trying to take my money :-).

I currently only know English but I recently became interested in learning a second language. It may sound kind of silly but the reason I decided this was because of the O-Zone song Dragostea din tei. I had heard the english version and went to download it but got the original Romanian version instead. I found that I liked the original version much better than the American remake. I also found that I thought the language sounded very cool.

After thinking about it I realized that I only know how to experience the world using a single language. Everything I do or think is all in english. This made me wonder what it would be like to think and experience life in a different language.

Sorry for the long intro. Anyways, I would love to learn Romanian. So far I don't know anything, other than how to sing along with some of the O-Zone song. Not exactly sure where I should start. Any help would be appreciated.

RawkstahTuesday 25th of January 2005 12:55:35 AM
- hey corbin, i'm sam. i'm also learning romanian if you want to IM me i can go over basics and stuff with you and then we can work together on improving.
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Jeremy87Tuesday 25th of January 2005 02:58:22 AM
- Salut Corbin :). Bine ai venit. Check out the discusss, they might answer some of the questions you may have. If you have any questions, just post away, and we'll be glad to help you. Join the Classroomroom too. Alex is the main Romanian teacher here, and he joins in the Classroomroom frequently.

Usually the Romanian lessons there are at 9pm EST on thursdays. Come join in the fun. :) You can contact me too if you need somebody to study with.

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Yahoo: jerbearr87

Also, O-Zone isn't the best Romanian band :P. I personally like 3rei Sud Est much better, plus their lyrics make more sense :P.

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IAmCorbinTuesday 25th of January 2005 03:13:11 AM
- Rawkstah, that would be great, I'll be sure to get in touch over AIM - my SN is I Am Corbin 123.

Jeremy, I'll be sure to add you to AIM as well. As far as O-Zone I know they probably arn't the best Romanian band, but it's the only Romanian music I've heard and I enjoy the songs of theirs I have heard. I'd like to check out some other Romanian music though.