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PirateQueen2005Saturday 06th of November 2004 02:27:05 AM
Oh Can someone teach me romanian - i would love to learn romanian so i can go there really soon!!!!!!
rbrumaSunday 07th of November 2004 04:17:31 PM
There is help - Nobody can really teach you to speak Romanian, you'll have to learn it by yourself. But if you ask specific questions pertaining to the difficulties you'd encounter, we will be able (hopefully) to help you advance more quickly.


Jeremy87Monday 08th of November 2004 06:13:55 AM
- hi PirateQueen, welcome :). This is a good site to learn any language. As far as Romanian goes, Alex is a phenomenal teacher. He can teach you Romanian. If you have a mic or a webcam, come in the Classroomroom. You can work on your pronunciation there. I may be able to teach you a little too even though I'm just a student. Some tips I can give you.. Don't give up! We all make mistakes. Don't get discouraged! If you're stuck somewhere, post your question on this board and we'll help you through it. We are always glad to help. Come in the Classroomroom too. Get to know people and talk to them in live Classroom. Good luck :)

dananavolanSunday 16th of January 2005 10:55:52 PM
romana -

I know a little English so I teach you Romanian and you teach me English.
oswaldWednesday 16th of February 2005 10:27:34 AM
You help me with Romanian and I will help you with English - I live in America and am 37 years old. I'm a native speaker of English. I speak German very good and Dutch rather well. But I recently decided to learn Romanian. In the past (many years ago) I studied Spanish and French, which help me with the Romanian vocabulary.

In your message you wrote, "I know a little English so I can teach you Romanian and you teach me English"

It would be grammatically correct to say:
"I know a little English. So I will teach you Romanian if you will teach me English"

In English when we speak of FUTURE actions, we always have to use "will"

I will, he will, she will, we will, they will, you will
That's a simple conjugation.

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