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assaf_hThursday 20th of January 2005 05:55:31 PM
Passive - I have a question about passive verbs. I know how to say "her name is...", but how do I say "she is named...", or the passive form in general? ("he was taken from his home", "they will be forgotten", etc).

rbrumaThursday 20th of January 2005 08:42:49 PM
- General rule:

to be (ind. pres.) + past part. w/ the same form as the subject (sg/pl and masc/fem)

Example (a chema = to call, PP=chemat) :

sg. sunt, eşti, este chemat / chemată (m/f) (I am called, etc)

pl. suntem, sunteţi, sunt chemaţi / chemate (m/f) (We are called, etc.)

rbrumaThursday 20th of January 2005 09:27:28 PM
- Reading again your post it seems that I forgot something:

If you want to form other tenses in the passive voice, just put the aux. (to be) at the tense you want.

Your example:

they will be forgotten = (ei) vor fi uitaţi or (ele) vor fi uitate