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Assaf_HTuesday 15th of February 2005 04:56:52 AM
Past Issues - Hi all :)

1. What are the rules for finding the past participle of a verb?
2. I was told there are 4 different ways to speak of the past in Romanian. I'm familiar with compound past, and simple past. What are the other two?


sandmanTuesday 15th of February 2005 03:54:53 PM
- Noroc şi sănătate, Assaf %)

1. the rules for the past participle are quite simple. at least, for the verbs ending in '-i' and '-a' %). currently i'm trying to devise some rules for different kinds of conjugation - i haven't gone too far yet, but i think i can put something here. well, here it goes:
- verbs ending in '-i', -'', '-a' just get '-t' attached to the infinitive. no any phonetic alternations occur. (exceptions: a fi - fost, a şti - ştiut)
- verbs ending in '-ea' take '-ut' instead of the ending. i'm not sure yet about phonetic mutations.
- verbs ending in '-e' are a bit more complicated. they can get either '-t', '-ut' or '-s' attached to the stem. a lot of phonetic mutations occur. i haven't found out some sound rules yet, but as soon as finish, i will post the results here. but note, that my grammar book says there're no criteria to distinguish between those endings %)

2. i guess the tenses at issue are the imperfect and pluperfect.
the first is the tense of the 'story-telling'. it's used to show some continuing or repeated actions in the past. the pluperfect works just as the past perfect in english.
for the details on how to form them, you can refer to a grammar book. the one i have is called 'cojocaru romanian grammar', the file is named stand_alone_romanian.pdf. you can search the web for it, if you haven't got it yet.

3. it'd be great if someone could comment the usage of the verbs 'a scri', 'a scria', 'a scrie'. whether the forms 'a scri' and 'a scria' exist at all, or it is an error in my verb database ? if they exist, what is the difference ? because the conjugation (in my db) for all of them is the same.

rbrumaTuesday 15th of February 2005 04:07:02 PM
- 'a scrie' (= to write) is the only form of the verb. There are no such forms as the ones you mentioned (it's probably an error in the db). 'scria' is impf 3rd sg from a 'a scrie'. 'scri' doesn't exist at all.

Only one general comment about the past tenses of the indicative. The most used of them all is the 'compound past' (past perfect), followed by imperfect. The other ones you'll here less often (at least in literary speaking).