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Assaf_HWednesday 19th of January 2005 05:24:59 AM
Penpal - I'm looking for someone who's willing to be my pen-pal. The requirements of the job:
1. A willingness to exchange emails with me (short and simple emails at first), written in Romanian, with English used to correct me when needed.
2. Obviously, since I'll be counting on said pen-pal to correct me and show me how things should be done, his/her knowledge of Romanian should be good (preferably - mother tongue).

So, if you are up for a little cross-culture experience, let me know.

rbrumaWednesday 19th of January 2005 03:31:48 PM
- You can write me any time at rbruma at I will do my best to help you.

Since you mentioned the 'requirements of the job' I assume I have to prepare my resume and expect good payment :)

assaf_hWednesday 19th of January 2005 11:44:33 PM
- I should add a third requirement:
3. Willingness to do so for nothing but my eternal gratitude, and/or a present I'll give you when I visit Romania (after I get my citizenship), and/or having a friend to guide you on your vacation if you ever visit Israel :)

rbruma - I'll write to you in a couple of days. Thanks.