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deliaThursday 09th of June 2005 11:38:36 PM
Prima lecţie de limba romānă - Well,i saw that noone took initiative of posting some lessons for the students in this discuss,so I took the liberty of starting some short lessons of Romanian,containing different aspects of vocabulary,grammar and other stuff(for beginners)...
You should know that I am not really a teacher,so please excuse the lack of method...
I hope it will be useful.Feel free to ask or suggest anything.

ok,here goes first lesson(prima lecţie):
--First, some usual expressions-salute:
good day,afternoon-bună ziua
good morning-bună dimineaţa
good evening-bună seara
good night-noapte bună
good bye-la revedere
so long,see you(soon)-pe curānd
welcome!-bine ai venit!(sg),bine aţi venit(pl)!
how are you?-ce (mai) faci?(sg),ce (mai) faceţi?(pl)
fine,thank you-bine,mulţumesc
thank you-mulţumesc
excuse me-scuze,mă scuzaţi
i am sorry-īmi pare rău

--main pronouns:

--the most important verb to know is
to be--a fi:

I am-eu sunt
you are-tu eşti
he,she is-el,ea este
we are-noi suntem
you are(pl)-voi sunteţi
they are-ei,ele sunt

--main colours:
white-alb(m),albă(f)-in Romanian,we have genders.Usually,feminine gender is marked by -a or -ă (articulated or not)in the end,both for nouns and adjectives.


I think that is enough for now:)
next lesson-as soon as possible:)))
la revedere-good bye!!

La PluieSunday 12th of June 2005 12:02:19 AM
- Hehe... Mulţumesc. Those feminine colors are helpful to me. :)

Apropo, I don't know what happened to Serg's site. I can't even sign in... =/
deliaSunday 12th of June 2005 01:08:34 AM
- cu plăcere...
don't know about the site,if I'll see him,I'll ask him...
Take care
Monday 13th of June 2005 01:31:45 AM
Romanian Lessons??? - Some people are too active! What on earth is "ceau"?
Students should take their first Romanian lesson elsewhere.
patchouli1216Wednesday 15th of June 2005 04:53:18 AM
extra letters - i know what the noises the other letters mean, but i dont know how to make them on my computer. like the special a or the t with the loop?

multumesc for the lesson, by the way
deliaWednesday 15th of June 2005 02:10:53 PM
- patchouli,you have to set Romanian language for the keyboard and then you'll find them all where these ;'[]\ are, near Enter key.good luck
me_eraserThursday 16th of June 2005 12:45:02 AM
- Here is a list of phrases. Hope it will help you.

Could you speak more slowly? - Ai putea să vorbeşti mai lent?
What did you say? - Ce ai spus?
I understand - 2000nţeleg
I don't understand - Nu inţeleg
What does "..." mean? - Ce īnseamnă "..."?
I don't speak romanian. - Nu vorbesc romānă.
What do you mean? - Ce vrei să spui?
It is beautiful here. - Este frumos aici.
It's cold here - Este frig aici.
It's hot here - Este cald aici.
Do you speak english? - Vorbeşti limba engleză?
My name is "..." - Numele meu este "..." or Mă cheamă "..."
How do you say in romanian "..."? - Cum spui īn romānă "..." ?

I'll add some more later..

me_eraserThursday 16th of June 2005 01:00:43 AM
- -cardinal points(puncte cardinale)-
north - nord
south - sud
east - est
west - vest

-relational(grade de rudenie)-

-other colours-
marine blue=bleumarin
January - Ianuarie
February - Februarie
March - Martie
April - Aprilie
May - Mai
June - Iunie
July - Iulie
August - August
September - Semptembrie
October - Octombrie
November - Noiembrie
December - Decembrie

-Days of the week(zilele săptămānii)-
Monday - Luni
Tuesday - Marţi
Wednesday - Miercuri
Thursday - Joi
Friday - Vineri
Saturday - Sāmbătă
Sunday - Duminică
deliaThursday 16th of June 2005 02:30:05 PM
- I have to thank eraser for continuing my lesson:)
Mulţumesc.You can post them separately,if you want!
sandmanThursday 16th of June 2005 03:01:32 PM
- i'd love to see comments on alternate month names
such as
gerar, sărindar, faur, făurar, prier, florar, cireşar, cuptor, gustar, răpciune, brumar, brumărel, īndrea

whether those are used, or are old or smth
and are there more
and what those names mean (except for the trivial ones %)
can brumer mean both october and novermber ?

thanks in advance %)
deliaThursday 16th of June 2005 03:22:10 PM
- Sandman,these names are old and not used in day-to-day life at all,I think not even in the countryside.
They are the following in the Orthodox Calendar:
January-Gerar--from the word "ger"-great cold
February-Făurar--from the verb "a făuri"-to make,but I don t know why this name
March-Mărţişor--it is that thing we celebrate on 1st of March
April-Prier-I don t know why
May-Florar--from "floare",florar means flower salesman or it is used as adjective here,the one with flowers,the month of flowers
Iunie-Cireşar--from "cireaşă"
Iulie-Cuptor--it means Oven,meaning it is very hot this month
August-Gustar--I think from "a gusta",but don t really know why
September-Răpciune--no idea
October-Brumărel--from "brumă",its the diminutive form beginning of cold season
November-Brumar--even more cold:)
December-Undrea--no idea

Sorry if I don t know the meanings for all,cause they are so old and not used...
hope it is useful for u:)
sandmanThursday 16th of June 2005 03:32:30 PM
- yes, very useful
thanks a lot %)
pity they're not used, i like them more than the regular ones... especially cireşar %)
there's not too much of imagination in naming most of the months by numbers

in ukraine they still use their own month names
e.g. 'listopad' (fall of the leaves) for november
'liutīi' for february (fierce)
'traveni' for may (from 'grass')