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vampirehuntressSunday 18th of July 2004 03:05:24 PM
really would love to learn romanian!!! - i would love to learn romanian,but have no idea where to begin.can combody please help me???it would be greatly appreciated!
AlexSunday 18th of July 2004 06:11:07 PM
Romanian and Phrasebase - Buna seara.

Welcome to Phrasebase.

Guess we'll all have to hide our fangs while you're here... :)

A good place to start is right here, in the Romanian discuss. Read the posts, follow the links and you'll get some basics.

Then, ask your questions in this discuss and I or someone else (OK. Likely I. :-P ) will answer them.

I've had some difficulty stimulating posts here, but you could change all that if you have lots and lots of questions.

You'll find me in Classroom pretty often too, and unless I'm at work, I can help with pronounciation there as well.

Basically, if you're actually willing to learn, you've come to the right place.

La revedere.

jtoll1818Tuesday 20th of July 2004 07:45:22 PM
hi - can sum1 teach me romanian
AlexWednesday 21st of July 2004 08:10:48 AM
U have come 2 the right place - Kidding aside, yes.

Pull up a chair, read the posts, and most importantly ask questions.

You'll get your questions answered.