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AlexFriday 09th of July 2004 12:15:45 PM
Romanian Keyboard - If you're one of the folks using Windows XP, I suspect that when you made the decision to learn Romanian, you went into your Control Panel and added Romanian to your keyboard layouts and Romanian characters to your code pages.

Good for you.

Now for the rest of you.
Not quite so easy if you're using Windows 95,98,NT or 2000.
Romanian isn't supported.

So what now?

Well, there's some reason to hope, though I admit I haven't tested this installation on all the platforms.

Download this file:

Right-Click on the file kbdro1XX.inf and select "Install" (XX is 95 for Windows 95 or NT for Windows NT 4.0);
Open the Keyboard window in Control Panel and select Language(or Input Locale) tab;
If Romanian is not in the list, press Add button and add it; If you can't add Romanian, select another language that you won't use.
Double-click on Romanian in the list. (In the keyboard layout) You should see "Romanian(Typewriter)" and two others;
Select either "Romanian (Standard)" or "Romanian (Programmer)"; I suggest Standard
Click OK twice.

You should now either have Romanian available or another language you picked, that instead uses the Romanian keyboard layout.

One more step you might have to do: Go to your Control Panel again, and in your Regional settings, or Regional options, select Advanced and find the Romanian code page in the list. Check the box to add it. (You may need your Windows CD)

Hopefully now, when you switch your keyboard layout, you should see the correct characters.

That won't help you on Phrasebase, but everywhere else, it should take you less time to type a Romanian message.

rbrumaWednesday 01st of September 2004 02:36:31 AM
Maybe more simple.... - In windows 2000 pro SP3 (that I'm using) Romanian is supported by default in Control Panel > Regional Options > Input Locales. I may be mistaking but I don't remember using any external piece of software when I used win98 2nd ed., as long as the (included) daemon "internat.exe" was running.

Unfortunately, on phrasebase, the parsing engine for the forms does not allow you to introduce escape sequences, so you are stuck with plain text, without much support for Romanian or indeed many other languages. I guess this code should be changed to allow such escape sequences to be correctly interpreted, thus enabling a richer experience when talking in another language.


AlexWednesday 01st of September 2004 06:16:37 AM
Romanian Windows. - If you have the good fortune of living in Romania, and owning a computer, chances are your version of Windows already accepts Romanian Keyboard layouts.

Unfortunately North American versions of the operating system do not, so we have to cobble together alternative solutions.