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rbrumaTuesday 07th of September 2004 04:06:38 AM
Romanian Verbs - Hello

The hardest part in Romanian morphology is undoubtly the Verb. For those who are struggling with this topic, here it is a brief summary:

1. Four Groups

The Romanian Verbs are classified into four groups, following the ending they receive in Infinitive:

-a ex: a lucra (to work), a căuta (to search)
-ea ex: a bea (to drink), a plăcea (to like)
-e ex: a merge (to walk), a scrie (to write)
-i/ī ex: a citi (to read), a hotărī (to decide)

2. Eight forms

There are basically 8 forms of the Verb, 4 of which are actually used as the core of a sentence, that is as a predicate.

3. One important: Infinitive --> Present

From these 4, one is the most important and most complex, the Infinitive, which comprises 7 tenses. Not all of them are equally often used and by far a beginner should start by learning the present tense.

The good news is that there is only one present tense in Romanian: there're no Simple/Continuous Aspects.

The (very) bad news is that each verb changes its appeareance depending on person and number. And the really bad news is that sometimes not only the ending is changed, but even the stem.

However, it is not so difficult. Here are three examples:

4. Examples:

4.1 The verbs in the first group (ending in -a) are (almost) regular. Here are the endings for the 3 persons, two numbers:

-ez (1sg) lucr-ez I work
-ezi (2sg) lucr-ezi You work
-ează (3sg) lucr-ează He/She/It works

-ăm (1pl) lucr-ăm We work
-aţi (2pl) lucr-aţi You work
-ează (3pl) lucr-ează They work

The same way it works for "a crea" (to create) and many others.

4.2 However, the verbs in the first group have different ways of presenting themselves:

a cānta = to sing : cānt, cānţi, cāntă...
a lăuda = to praise : laud, lauzi, laudă
... etc.

4.3 Finally, the present tense of three very much used Romanian verbs (in the form 1sg, 2sg, 3sg, 1pl, 2pl, 3pl)

a fi = to be

sunt, eşti, este, suntem, sunteţi, sunt (I am, etc...)

a avea = to have

am, ai, are, avem, aveţi, au

a face = to do

fac, faci, face, facem, faceţi, fac

I think it is enough for now. Any questions, corrections or updates are greatly appreciated.



Jeremy87Sunday 12th of September 2004 06:16:40 PM
- Romanian verb infinitive endings take the -a -e -ea and -i endings. -e and -ea verbs have the same basic conjugation rules. Here are the regular verb conjugation rules for the present tense:

First off, the -a infinitive ending is a little tricky, because they can have 2 different endings except for the 1pl and 2pl. )If there is a grammatical rule on the 2 different endings, please tell me now);

1sg: -, -ez
2sg: -i, -ezi
3sg: -ă, -eaz
1pl: -ăm, -ăm
2pl: -aţi, -aţi
3pl: -ă, -ează

a spera - to hope
1sg: sper - 2sg: speri - 3sg: speră - 1pl: sperăm - 2pl: speraţi - 3pl: speră

a dansa - to dance
1sg: dansez - 2sg: dansezi - 3sg: dansează - 1pl: dansăm - 2pl: dansaţi - 3pl: dansează

-e and -ea verbs only have 2 different regular endings on the 1sg, and 3pl, but I know there is a rule for this. The -e or -ea verbs take -u in the 1sg and 3pl conjugations if the root ends in a vowel;

1sg: -, (-u)
2sg: -i
3sg: -e
1pl: -em
2pl: -eţi
3pl: -, (-u)

a face - to do/make
1sg: fac - 2sg: faci - 3sg: face - 1pl: facem - 2pl: faceţi - 3pl: fac

a scrie - to write
1sg: scriu - 2sg: scrii - 3sg: scrie - 1pl: scriem - 2pl: scrieţi - 3pl: scriu

-i verbs are the easier ones since they don't have any fancy rules to regular present tense conjugations.

1sg: -esc
2sg: -eşti
3sg: -eşte
1pl: -im
2pl: -iţi
3pl: -esc

a vorbi - to speak
1sg: vorbesc - 2sg: vorbeşti - 3sg: vorbeşte - 1pl: vorbim - 2pl: vorbiţi - 3pl: vorbesc

I hope that was educational. ^_^
Good day! :)

AlexThursday 16th of September 2004 01:45:56 AM
Verbs and conjugation - I think it would be great if anyone still had a Romanian grammar book from school. I don't.

If someone could dig one up, how about a weekly feature on half a dozen verbs conjugated with the tenses.

If you can't spare the time, but you're willing to part with a decent grammar book, contact me, and I might buy it from you and post the feature myself.

Thanks in any event.
rbrumaThursday 16th of September 2004 02:11:36 AM
Good idea - I think I can manage to extract some things from a grammar book and put them into a readable form on phrasebase.

As a test, I will try to summarize what I said about the verbs, incorporating the suggestions that Jeremy made, and compare everything with a grammar, to see what it comes out.

But this, probably next week.

Luludya738Thursday 23rd of September 2004 06:44:26 AM
Since you mentioned the romanian vbs... - You know...I don't have time these days coz I'll be moving to Bucharest to study, and you probably imagine what does this mean, but I just wanted to remind you that there are some the irregular vbs in romanian that you should mention. Apart from "a fi", "a avea", "a voi" there are "a bea", a "lua", "a manca" which are commonly used. Of course that these are not the only ones, but for the moment explain the folks why are they irregular and how should they decline them. U have far more patience than I and u also know how to make yourself better understood.

Regards :)

tripledddogMonday 27th of September 2004 05:32:07 PM
Verbs - There is a fun little program/game that can be found at

Kind of a flash card of verbs their conjugation and tense.

Its not perfect, but it is a good exercise.
rbrumaMonday 27th of September 2004 10:36:53 PM
Maybe.... - It's not so simple. I didn't manage to give one straight answer.... :)

But I guess I didn't get the author's idea about spelling.

odiliaThursday 30th of September 2004 02:38:44 AM
verb conjugation tool&grammar@web - if you know how to write the infinitive (and you can find it first searching "romanian-to-english" field) you can find all verb forms with the verb search tool at this page:
also a grammar is available for free download here:
i would upload it at phrasebase if i knew how to do it ...

AlexThursday 30th of September 2004 07:10:34 PM
Nice PDF... - That's a great resource.
Thank you so much for that awesome link, Odilia.

Well done.

odiliaFriday 01st of October 2004 12:45:39 AM
web resources - glad that I could help something, Alex :)
bthw, can you tell me a good phrasebook I could download or use online? I really need one because I can't join Classroom very often and just ask about different things ...
AlexFriday 01st of October 2004 06:37:53 PM
Not really - I don't know of any online phraseological dictionaries.
That's what Phrasebase will be eventually, but its Romanian section is still under development.