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Ron777Wednesday 25th of August 2004 06:15:02 PM
Romanian - Salut!
I'm learning Romanian. I just strating and I only know some very basic words. I would like to know if there are some good books for learning Romanian.? I can't seem to find any. Also I was wondering how close is Romanian to the Spanish or Italian languages.? I mean if you know Romanian is learning Spanish or Italian going to be easyer?
I dont know if I will ever learn another languge. But I at least want to learn Romanian.

Mult'umesc foarte mult

Thanks for any help

La revedere
AlexThursday 26th of August 2004 06:33:02 AM
Dictionary power - Salut, Ron.
Ce mai faci?

I just wanted to tell you that your first step should definitely be a Romanian/English dictionary.
If you can't find a local outlet that carries them, or willing to order them, try
With used prices starting at $7.00 and new prices starting at $10.36, you really can't go wrong.

Once you have a dictionary you can start to piece together sentences, and it makes you a lot less dependent on others to progress in Romanian.

Talk to you later.
La revedere.

Ron777Thursday 26th of August 2004 08:14:55 AM
- Thanks Alex for the advice. I will go looking for a Romanian/English dictionary today. If I can't find one I will order one from
Just another queston here. Can you tell me how common is the language outside of Romania?
Is Romanian understood in other eastern europen countrys? (besides Moldova).

La revedere
AlexThursday 26th of August 2004 01:32:03 PM
Romanian demographics - Well, I'm no expert, but I'm fairly sure of this:

1. You can't really count on Romanian being a useful language outside Romania.

2. You can count on finding Romanians in almost every country.

While Romanian will help you pronounce latin languages and serve as an excellent base for any linguistic effort, you aren't likely to be able to use it in Switzerland or England.

That being said, the sheer frequency of my running into Romanian people no matter where I go just can't be explained away as simple coincidence.

Because of the communist regime, later the political uncertainty, later the economic situation, Romanians have been leaving Romania in droves.

A shame, really, as I happen to think it's a beautiful country, well worth the incredibly inexpensive visit.

Nonetheless, the bottom line is that unless you have a particular interest in Romanian through Romanian friends, romantic interests, or inexplicable obsession, this discuss probably wouldn't be your first stop.

Romanians are generally friendly, fun, a little direct at times and often interesting people.

That alone may be worth learning the language for, right?
Ron777Friday 27th of August 2004 01:25:56 PM
- I ordered a that Romanian/English dictionary. I can't wate to get started learning. I found some computer softwear I can order as well. But its not from
It also has some books with it and CD's. I'm thinking about buying that to.

Thanks again for the info and help.
soreinWednesday 20th of October 2004 04:30:41 AM
Not the right way - I am a professional tutor in languages and I can assure you that you won't learn anything without a teacher. Materials for learning Romanian are of very low quality and the only acceptable dictionary cannot be found on, or anywhere else online, but only if you contact me.