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RawkstahWednesday 01st of December 2004 06:10:49 AM
Sarmale - I'm planning on making sarmale this weekend. i was wonderin if anyone has an recipe/cooking suggestions. I found a few recipes on the internet. But input from someone who usually eats/prepares this dish would be greatly appreciated!
Jeremy87Wednesday 01st of December 2004 07:34:43 AM
- That's a favorite among Romanian dishes! I asked a few of my Romanian friends about it and they all like it. I'm sure Alex will know how. There are 2 types of sarmale too.
RawkstahWednesday 01st of December 2004 11:56:51 AM
- Two types? I found two different recipes. One of them included a way to make it for stuffed peppers but i'm looking for the cabbage one.
sandmanWednesday 01st of December 2004 09:56:48 PM
sarmale - check it here:

or you can search the web for 'golubcy' - this is the same as sarmale but in russian %)

and as far as i know there are also turkish ones, with some variations (sorry, i don't know how it's called)
sandmanWednesday 01st of December 2004 10:09:48 PM
sarmale - just few more things... %)

transliteration can be different, so you can try to look for 'golabki' or 'golubtsy'
golabki is the polish version %)

and there are more - greek 'dolmas' or armenian 'dolma', these are like miniature golubcy but instead of cabbage they are made of grape leaves, and are served with yogurty souce
RawkstahWednesday 01st of December 2004 11:42:29 PM
- In one of the recipes i have it calls for Vegeta. I've used that stuff before cause my boyfriend has it. But i kinda would like to know what's in that too because i've looked around in all sorts of stores and shops here and can't find that stuff.
iubitoThursday 02nd of December 2004 02:13:10 AM
- Hi!

This summer in Romania, I was surprised one day to eat sarmale without meat, only vegetables and rice.

Our host said that they are several recipes.

I've two recipes, but in French and I'm not able to translate them properly in English :p
RawkstahFriday 03rd of December 2004 12:46:42 PM
- anyone have any other suggestion on romanian food i should try?
RachelleSunday 05th of December 2004 12:14:50 AM
- mmm romanian food. it's been too long hehe. when i was there last spring we had sarmale. hmmm. i guess i don't really have more suggestions on what to try because i don't really know the names of anything we ate. any romanian soup recipie is probably incredible. every time we had soup it was the best. and uhm, oh man we had this cake... i don't even like cake and it was the best. i don't know though, we tried to get a recipie from her and it was kinda vague and impossible to follow. heh... she told us to just add things and try it until it tastes right. hm. i don't know what "right" is, so, we never successfully got it. anyway this was a completely non-helpful post, sorry guys. but it makes me miss my romanian family!
RawkstahSunday 05th of December 2004 03:42:13 AM
- haha thanks for trying
RawkstahFriday 17th of December 2004 08:20:30 AM
- how do i pickle cabbage and how long does it take?
RawkstahSaturday 01st of January 2005 06:33:02 AM
- i don't know if anyone reads this but if you do i made sarmale today i have yet to eat it though. . . i'll update on the quality tomorrow or something.
rbrumaSunday 02nd of January 2005 05:31:50 PM
- Were they good?

I think all the Romanian people ate sarmale for the Holidays... I can't get enough of them :)
RawkstahTuesday 04th of January 2005 04:34:47 AM
- they were good a little dry but once the sour cream was put on them you couldn't tell. now i have requests from everyone who tried them to make more.
rbrumaTuesday 04th of January 2005 04:00:31 PM
- Interesting, I never actually eaten cabbage sarmale with sour cream before... I never even heard of this :) Maybe the recipe comes from another part of the country that I'm not familiar with...
RawkstahFriday 07th of January 2005 12:42:55 PM
- i got the recipe from my boyfriend's dad in Medias. And the other time i had sarmale with a few Romanian people they served it with sour cream also. I think they were from around the same area maybe a different town away or something.
rbrumaMonday 10th of January 2005 02:34:55 PM
- You're right. I have a colleague from Medias who confirmed that this is the way they eat them at home. It is not customary around here, however.
RawkstahTuesday 11th of January 2005 12:35:53 AM
- i would say that is odd but i'm from the US you know and there are all sorts of different ways to do things in different areas of this country :P anyway since i've made sarmale i've been wanting to eat it again i need to find a store nearby to buy some cabbage at . . . .
tinkerbTuesday 11th of January 2005 12:38:53 PM

Rawk, post the recipe! You've made them sound really good. :)
RawkstahTuesday 11th of January 2005 11:42:45 PM
- the recipe i have is in romanian. . . i can try to translate it but when i made it i had a little help reading the whole recipe