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JosheeBoiTuesday 19th of April 2005 11:00:30 PM
Sentances Flipped? - Bună,

I need help with something. Well you see, I still need to learn a lot more of Romanian+Memorize it. But I dont understand some sentances, becuase there flipped around.

Example: "Trebuie să vorbesc cu tine" meaning: I need to speak to you.

I would intupert this in my head as "Need to speak with you"

Now this is only a small confusion I have. Becuase Need To Speak With You does make sense in my head. But some sentances are totally flipped around. My question is...
How do you know when to flip the words around? :)

La Revedere,
lorelaiTuesday 19th of April 2005 11:25:30 PM
- Hi Josh

I'm not sure I understand what the issue is :(
If you're talking about word order in a sentence, then maybe not relying on word-for-word translation would be helpful. Of course, at the beginning of a learning process, memorization is a necessity and a powerful tool, but you should try to get the gist of a phrase and associate it with something meaningful to you, not simply put together a bunch of words that you look up in the dictionary.

If I'm off base here, perhaps you could elaborate on the question and I'll try to help.