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Jeremy87Thursday 02nd of June 2005 10:38:22 AM
someone help me translate? - m-a apucat jalea, aş vrea sa te transez sa te fac chinezoaică la pachet sa te iau cu mine.

someone said that to me once to joke around and so far I translated it as..

grief has taken hold of me, i would like to put you into a trance to make you a chinese woman in my packet to take with me

?? not sure if that's how.. but if someone can tell me the right idiomatic translation it would be greatly appreciated.. lol, thanks.
sandmanThursday 02nd of June 2005 01:36:56 PM
- is there 'a transa' meaning 'to put into a trance' ?
i couldn't find it in any dic.
but there is 'a tranşa', one of the meaning (which could be applied here) is:
A separa, Ón porţiuni anatomice, după sortimente, calitate etc., carnea unui animal tăiat pentru consum.

'chinezoaică la pachet' could be an idiom, but i couldn't find it.

why you translated 'la pachet' as 'in my packet' ?

deliaFriday 03rd of June 2005 01:18:02 AM
- yes,you are right,sandman.a tranşa does not mean to put into a trance.It means to cut in pieces.There is not such expression as chinezoaică la pachet:)lol
it's not "in my packet",of course.there is no "my" there.
Strange phrase, jeremy!
Jeremy87Saturday 04th of June 2005 12:38:12 AM
yeah i know.. very strange - my Romanian friend's bf's phrase.. he has a weird sense of humor.
accedereMonday 13th of June 2005 01:48:40 AM
Psycho sense of humour - The right translation is:

=Grief has taken hold of me, I'd like to cut you into pieces, make you my on-the-go Chinese girl to take you with me.=

The "humour" here is an allusion to a number of reports in the news about some Chinese men living in Romania and having murdered their conationals for revenge purposes. Some suitcases were found containing Chinese persons cut into pieces.

The psycho guy means he'd cut his girlfriend into pieces to be able to carry her with him, maybe in a suitcase.

la pachet - on the go

Jeremy87Tuesday 14th of June 2005 11:09:35 AM
- hah, right... still weird. he was saying that to me anyways and he wasn't chinese. thanks for the translation though :)