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Assaf_HTuesday 07th of December 2004 07:55:28 AM
Steps in learning romanian - Hi All.

Im a new comer to this discuss and site, and am excited to have found such a place.

My interest in Romanian comes from my roots. My grandparents (all 4 of them) were Romanians, and left Romania during the Second World War. These days Im in the process of acquiring a Romanian citizenship, and am very interested in learning the language and culture of the country of which Im about to become a citizen.

Having given this somewhat lengthy introduction, Im curious as to the steps that you would recommend in learning the Romanian language. Where should I start (Online tutorials? Classrooms? Etc)? How should I proceed from there? How long should each step take? And so on.

I appreciate your help,
Yours, Assaf.
lia1966Tuesday 07th of December 2004 10:15:12 PM
- Romanian language is maybe one of the most difficult languages to learn. Many exceptions, manny synnonims, omonims. You have maybe to start to learn words and some elementar grammar.
Assaf_HWednesday 08th of December 2004 07:13:46 AM
- Is there someone here willing to be my panpal (via emails/msn/icq), or audio Classroom with me? :)
RawkstahWednesday 08th of December 2004 08:02:58 AM
- Assaf i'm willing to Classroom with you about romanian i'm learning the language myself and i'm always looking for more people to talk to. I'm in the Classroomroom here often. but if you want one of my screen names for an instant messanger program check my profile. Hope to speak with you soon.