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Assaf_HSaturday 15th of January 2005 05:49:07 PM
Study Group - Hi.

Anybody here interested in starting a study group?

sandmanSaturday 15th of January 2005 08:56:33 PM
- how is this supposed to work ?
writergrrrlSunday 06th of February 2005 01:21:19 PM
- I would be happy to participate in a study group. I know nothing yet, so all I can contribute is enthusiasm for the subject and a few Romanian friends to help answer questions sometimes.

How do we start one? I'm ready :-)
Pathfinder05Monday 07th of February 2005 03:21:55 AM
- I've been sort of curious about Romanian for a while. It is not the everyday Romance language. I may be able to participate in this group, althought I won't be able to buy any books or software if we were to study using a common book, such as the Swedish Learning Group.
AlexSaturday 12th of February 2005 05:37:13 AM
Excellent Idea - A study group is an excellent idea.

Feel free to use me as a resource to answer questions, and try to come to class in Classroom on Thursday evenings at 9PM EST.

You can also use the Classroom for meetings by scheduling them in the Class Schedule discuss.
Assaf_HTuesday 15th of February 2005 04:59:17 AM
Disclaimer - Sorry to have neglected "my" post. Have been away for a short while. Will write tomorrow.
hoolieWednesday 16th of February 2005 10:02:24 PM
- Can I join in?
LyanSunday 13th of March 2005 12:29:30 AM
- Is this class Classroom just found by clicking the Classroom link at the top of this website?
La PluieSunday 13th of March 2005 03:28:01 AM
- Yes, it is.

People speak of a study group and then just disappear. How about actually setting one up? There's Thursday evenings, so let's add another day of the week (in the Classroomroom)... A weekday or a week-end? Let's say weekday for 200... I mean, how about Tuesdays at 1600 hours CST? Unfortunately, that's pretty late for Europe, but anytime before 3:30 PM would be impossible for me... Then there's the weekend. I can do pretty much any time on the weekend, starting Friday afternoon.

Oh, and other options - meetings on messenger? Teamspeak? But I fear this is too complicated to keep together.
rbrumaMonday 14th of March 2005 02:38:40 PM
- I am usually available on Ymsgr from 8 to 16 GMT, if work doesn't intervene and spoil the fun :) Not really part of a study group, but merely, let's say, a quick reference. Feel free to send your deepest concerns about the Romanian language at and I will do my best to cure you of them :)