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odiliaTuesday 14th of September 2004 12:29:17 PM
transcription - hi guys, i'm quite new here /just an hour/ but i already have some questions :)
so, i just started learning romanian myself and i try to use some online resources but i don't find any dictionaries that have phonetic transcribtion of the words .
at the same time i'm trying to collect, translate and upload for my friends from western europe all lyrics of O-Zone . the point is that they will not know how to read them unless i provide for them a good phonetic transcription . thus i tried to explore and eventually use the IPA rules but it's a hard job ... so, can anybody give me a shortcut to some easy to explain and recognized way to represent in a more conventional character set the specific sounds in romanian?
Jeremy87Tuesday 14th of September 2004 04:19:12 PM
- Hi odilia! :) Welcome to The best I can do is copy down something I made for Romanian pronunciation.

Letter - sound - English example - Romanian example
A, a - ah - Father - apă (ah-puh) (Water)
Ă, ă (Breve) - uh - Other apă (ah-puh) (Water)
, (Circumflex) - uheh - (almost like the sound you make when being punched in the stomach) - not used in english - Romn (roh-moouhn) (Romanian man)
C, c - k 'ch' before I or E - Crest - Casă (cah-suh) (House)
Chest - Face (fah-cheh) (To Do/Make)
E, e - eh, 'ye' if first letter of the word - Best - Student (stoo-dehnt) (Student)
Yep - Este (yes-teh) (he/she/it is)
G, g - gh, 'j' before I or E - Get - Găsi (guh-see) (to find)
Gesture - Ger
I, i - ee, silent if at end of words except verb infinitives - Beep - fi (fee) (be - verb infinitive)
2000, (Circumflex) - uheh (almost like the sound you make when being punched in the stomach) - not used in english - nvăţa (ooehn-vuh-tsah) (learn - verb infinitive)
J, j - s as in pleasure - Pleasure - Joi (joy) (Thursday)
O, o - oh - Ghost - opt (ohpt) (nine)
R, r - Trilled, rolled r like Italian or Spanish - not same sound in English - dragoste (drah-gohs-teh) (love)
Ş, ş (Cedilla) - sh - Ship - mătuşă (muh-too-shuh) (aunt)
Ţ, ţ (Cedilla) - ts - goats - soţ (sohts) (husband)
U, u - oo - boot - un (oon) (a - indefinite article)

Dipthongs + Tripthongs:
Letters - Sound
ch - k
gh - g
eai - eh and eye together
eau - eh and ow together
ai - eye
au - ow
ău - uh and oo together
ea - eh and ah together
ei - ey
eu - eh and oo together
ia - ya as yacht
ie - yeh
io - yo
iu - you
i - and ee together
u - and oo together
oa - wa as in water
oi - oy as in boy
ou - oh and oo together as in go

This is only a scratch (especially for the '' and ''). The best way to learn is to come to the Classroomroom around 6pm-9pm Pacific and Alex, the Romanian admin here, can help you. I can too. :) The Classroomroom supports microphone capability.

As far as O-zone, I like their song "dragonstea din tei". Very catchy.
Thursday 16th of September 2004 06:48:56 AM
transcription help - thank you Jeremy for being so quick with your answer and so helping! :) in fact i think i found good information about that on the internet the very next day, so if anybody is interested, could check these links: - romanian reference grammar /seems to be good!/ - some basic lessons - the IPA homepage

so sorry that i'll not be able to join the Classroom very often because of the timeshift - my local time is Pacific+10! ..

and again regarding O-Zone - i like more Oriunde Ai Fi /almost classic ballad/ and De Ce Plang Chitarele /it's a bit like a party song/ ... :)

see ya!
linkerroMonday 04th of October 2004 05:08:59 AM
- Some simple facts abbout romanian reading and writing:
1st: romanian is a fonetical language (ie what you hear is what you write)
2nd: there is only one major exception from this rule, or more of a specification: the letters C and G when followed by letters I and E. Basicly the letter C in romanian is read as K in english, and the letter G, exacly as in english. If C is followed by I or E then it is read as the CH group in english (ex. CHeese). G followed by I or E is read exacly as in eglish (ex GEntleman). In order to read C as K when followed by E or I, you simply write an extra h in between them, CHI being read as KEE in english. Same thing with G only I cant think of eny good example to give in english.
odiliaMonday 04th of October 2004 05:38:26 AM
romanian support - thanks man! cool to see you here :)
good luck with japanese ...