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Assaf_HFriday 18th of February 2005 02:39:10 PM
Translation help - Can someone please translate the following section for me:
"Codul muncii se schimba putin, prin partile esentiale.
Oamenii de afaceri si sindicalistii, pe picior de razboi din cauza modificarilor propuse de autoritati."

I've done so myself, of course, but I would like to contrast my work with the correct translation to make sure I got it right.

Assaf :)
AniSunday 27th of February 2005 09:00:42 PM
About help - Hi, I translated for u the few phrases from romanian: "The labour code is changing a little bit, mostly the essentially parts. The business-men and the syndicalists are an a war footing 'cause of changes that the authorities have proposed. Hope I've helped u a little bit, Ani