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JezWednesday 29th of December 2004 08:41:43 AM
Trying to learn Romanian and need lots of help - Hi. Im new to this site, so Im still trying to find my way around best as possible. For about a year now, or longer I have been wanting to learn Romanian, though I never went through with it. And my location is not good for meeting any type of foureigners, so this site is my best bet. Maybe meeting someone, or a couple of Romanian natives. that may help. Thanks :)
RawkstahWednesday 29th of December 2004 03:40:56 PM
- hi jez i'm not romanian nor can i speak the language fluently but i'll help you in any ways that i can feel free to IM me all my info is in my profile and perhaps we could help each other learn.
JezThursday 30th of December 2004 05:51:50 AM
- hi rawkstah yeah that'll be great. im goin kick myself if i dont go through with learning this language lol. ill IM you next time your on. my sn is all in the profile. thanks
RachelleThursday 30th of December 2004 10:50:54 AM
- hey jez, i'm trying to learn too - i know less romanian than rawkstar, but maybe we can still help eachother - feel free to im me any time. i don't think it's in my profile, so it's noua speranta on aim and nocturneineminor721 on yahoo.
accedereMonday 07th of February 2005 02:37:24 AM
Your most realistic option - If you really want to learn Romanian, you can so easily do that online.

addySunday 26th of June 2005 03:12:43 AM
eeehhhh... - i don't like that guy.....kinda shady, if you ask he doesn't like o-zone, i mean, what could you expect from that? lol ;) actually, it depends on how you learn...if you think that guy can help you, then, by all means, go for it, and good luck!! but if you want to do the "language exchange" then i'm your gal!! i'm not fluent in romanian but i can teach you enough to find your way through the language... think about it ;)
La PluieMonday 27th of June 2005 09:20:08 PM
- Well, I like O-zone, but my Romanian friend doesn't... She said: "I like it now because it's the only Romanian song people listen to here, but I didn't like it before." Hehe... :P She said the song makes no sense... and I'm sure she's right, but whatever... I like it because it's not English, and it's good music.

I don't like him either. He's like, "I happen to know of one good Romanian dictionary (that's what specialists are for!)... you can order it from me for $12.50..." And he doesn't give the title of the book or any description other than that it's the only good dictionary. He thinks only a "specialist" like himself should be helping others... at least, that's what he wants everyone else to think.

Oh, and I coincidentally just came across a site about Sorin (aka accedere), and I bet he wrote his biography (in third person) himself because the colors other things on the website are the same, and the attitude is the same. He calls himself the best of Romania in everything he does.