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rcdelossantosThursday 30th of September 2004 02:56:43 PM
Vreau sa invata romaneste - imi place bine filmul! :-) i have trouble constructing sentences in Romanian. i would also like to know if there are any Romanian movies with English subtitles so that i can work on my listening skills. thank you for your help!
AlexThursday 30th of September 2004 07:01:04 PM
Welcome - Wow. Lots of people interested in Romanian.

Welcome to Phrasebase.

I'm not sure about availability of Romanian movies in your vicinity...

To listen and speak romanian with me, join me in Classroom most weeknights starting at 9PM EST and most weekends starting at 9 AM EST.

I'll do my best to help in any way I can.

odiliaFriday 01st of October 2004 02:22:55 AM
radio&tv - well, why don't you later try - romanian online tv, or - romanian radio ?
it would be good for you to listen to the speech even if you don't understand much :)
rcdelossantosFriday 01st of October 2004 08:34:11 AM
romanian film / tv - multumesc pentru informatiile! mai tarziu!
odiliaFriday 01st of October 2004 09:58:32 AM
welcome :) - n-ai pentru ce! :)